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The Power of Workforce Housing

Schiff Development strives to provide high-quality dormitory housing to the Macau gaming concessionaires which are seeking a pleasant living environment for their import labors. We provide entire residential buildings, as opposed to individual apartments, which are defined by their quality finishes, aesthetically pleasing and durable furniture, and numerous lifestyle amenities. Additionally, we add features to each building which utilize safety and security. 

Schiff Development understands that high-quality workforce housing is a powerful tool utilized by gaming concessionaires to recruit and retain quality employees. Providing quality housing can help our Clients to raise employee morale and promote a sense of “family” within the organization. Eliminating employee concerns about housing and living environment allows a company to realize significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, and morale.

Satisfied Employees are very important to all types of businesses; they are invaluable assets who determine the operational success, and the future, of a business. Hospitality companies, our focus clients, are particularly dependent upon line-level labor. As quoted in Wynn Macau’s Global offering, “Our business is labor intensive and our success depends in large part on our ability to recruit and retain qualified and skilled employees.” The business of Schiff Development is built upon the premise of filling a critical need for this important market.


Client Testimonials

By working with Schiff, we have been able to demonstrate to our staff Wynn’s level of commitment to care of their needs, both inside and outside of the workplace. Additionally, we are able to help ensure that our staff lives in a manner that us positive for the Macau community as a whole.
Ian Michael Coughlan
President, Wynn Macau Limited
Schiff Macau delivered a high-quality dormitory which met our standards. The company is responsive to our needs and continues to work with the HR team in order to meet the high standards for which Mandarin Oriental is renowned.
Martin Schnider
General Manager, Mandarin Oriental Macau