Schiff Development.

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Safe Secure Comfortable Housing


Schiff Development is the market leader in providing high-quality staff accommodation in Macau SAR. The company’s focus is to provide high-quality housing for line-level employees (“Residents”). This is accomplished through a combination of factors including sensible density, quality FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment), and numerous lifestyle amenities.

The provision of quality housing for employees is an invaluable Human Resources tool for employers. It enables companies to better recruit and retain employees. It increases employees’ cohesion with each other and company morale. Employees feel that they are part of a team which is concerned with their living needs outside of the workplace.

Schiff Development works closely with our Clients in order to customize a solution for their housing needs. We look to house Residents in active neighborhoods with access to services, ease of transportation, and numerous activities and shopping options. Residents are moving to a new home for a new job. We recognize, through first-hand experience, the difficulty in leaving our home and family behind. It is therefore our focus to make the transition as easy as possible.

Our business is managed by a solid professional team which combines local knowledge and international experience. This internal team is augmented with a network of best-of-class advisors, consultants, and service providers.


To provide a safe, secure, and comfortable living environment for our Residents. This is accomplished by using integrity, focus, ingenuity, and a hard-work ethic as the foundation for all of our decisions and actions.



Honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct are of paramount importance. We are operating for the long-term and are diligent in maintaining an outstanding reputation.


Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have both identified focus as the key factor in their successes. We relentlessly focus upon our core business and providing an outstanding product and service.


The world in which we operate is constantly changing and growing. In order to thrive, we continually examine and implement new systems and procedures for increasing efficiency and fostering creative solutions.

Hard-Work Ethic

Hard-Work is the foundation for getting the job done and successfully achieving our goals.